Easter won’t stop short term loans business

The holiday period is a double edged sword. Although it’s a great time to unwind and spend quality time with friends and family, it can be a worrying time if one is short of cash as nothing is normally open where one can get a loan if needed. One instant cash loan company at least has been reassuring its customers that they can apply for a short term loan more as less as usual over the holiday period.

The company, Payday Power, which is better categorised as a short term loans broker has announced its ability to arrange loans over the holiday period with as much speed and ease as any other time.

The company has only been operating for about four years and is obviously anxious to show that it can meet demand, even when normal services are absent.

A spokesperson for the company reiterated the company’s desire to be able to operate normally during the entire Easter period so that borrowers who were short of money could access their services easily.

The person said that anybody who wanted a loan could look up their website and apply online for a small loan. The application form only took a few minutes to fill in and the money could be in one’s bank account within an hour as long as the company’s lending criteria were met.

The company is part of the Reset Finance group and offers loans up to £1250 for a short period of time. The company says that it is committed to “responsible lending practices” although one would have to visit the website to read the small print to find out exactly what that means.

To take an example of what an instant cash loan would cost with Payday Power, the interest charged on a £100 loan is £25, with the APR amounting to 1940%.

Payday Power’s spokesperson said that the company was mindful of the fact that little emergencies could easily occur and they are pleased to be able to offer a normal loans service for those people who really need a same day loan, as waiting for another day or two or three could create real problems.

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