New website helps “Swift Money” help would-be instant cash loan borrowers

A new facility has been made available on the instant cash loan company “Swift Money” which claims to give borrowers instant decision loans far faster than ever before and a service to rival its competitors.

Payday loans, as the website explains, are short term loans that are designed to be made available easily and speedily and are usually funded against the borrower’s next paycheck. Interest rates are relatively high compared to the conventional loans providers like banks and credit cards, but the short term loans companies usually provide a no credit check loan service which can be processed in a very short time.

Swift Money’s website explains that the company makes it easy for borrowers to apply to them if they are short of cash to pay the rent or pay off a credit card debt. They say that they are able to process some applications within twenty minutes flat.

The new website explains the process clearly to people wanting instant pay day loans. Borrowers need not to worry about a credit check as there is none and all they have to do is log on and check to see if they are eligible. This makes it particularly appealing for those people who have failed to convince the traditional lenders that they are capable of paying off a loan. Then they fill in a two minute application form, sign an electronic agreement and wait for their loan of up to a thousand pounds to turn up in their bank account.

The website explains that their way of providing instant no credit check short term loans doesn’t involve going out in the cold or the rain, or waiting in queues. Everything can be done in front of a computer in the comfort of one’s own home.

Swift Money began as an instant cash loan company in 2010 and has attracted over 100,000 customers in the last two years already. The website claims that well over eighty percent of their customers regularly return for a loan as they are so satisfied with the service that they have received.

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