20% of mums go hungry to provide food for her kids

According to a recently conducted research survey, one out of every five mothers in the UK regularly misses meals in order to provide enough food for her children, no credit check short term loans experts recently reported.

The new study further indicated that 25 per cent of British families are relying on short term loans or credit cards in order to make ends meet, and that 64 per cent of families have less money coming in to pay bills and to purchase other necessities than they did 12 months ago.  The research, which was carried out by Netmums, discovered that a full seven out of every 10 families in the UK are teetering on the edge of financial ruin, and face economic crisis if even the smallest thing changes in their finances, let alone the kind of major emergency expense that would require the taking out of a instant cash loan.

In fact, Netmums discovered that 5 per cent of British families have had to rely on payday lenders on a regular basis in order to make ends meet, while one out of every 100 have had no choice to turn to illegal loan sharks to keep afloat.  Netmums, the largest parenting site in the UK, conducted a research survey of in excess of 2,000 mothers to compile their statistics.

The research results, which many industry experts have referred to as ‘worrying,’ also discovered that nearly 50 per cent of UK households have had to pawn or sell goods in order to keep their heads above water.  This has taken its toll on British parents, with 16 per cent needing treatment for stress-related illnesses brought about by financial worries.

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