Experts say instant cash loans should be repaid responsibly

Instant cash loans taken out from payday lenders need to be repaid in a timely and responsible manner, instant cash loan experts say, as missing repayment deadlines can result in serious difficulties arising from costly fees and charges.

No credit check short term loans provide a much needed service for those Brits who find themselves weeks from their next pay cheque but still in need of cash in order to help pay for a financial emergency.  However, since these loans are unsecured, lenders try to discourage late or missed repayments by making charges and fees for doing so very high, and this can lead to long-term problems if borrowers do not take their obligations for repaying short term loans seriously.

Reputable payday lenders always take steps to inform prospective borrowers of the full consequences for taking out an instant cash loan, including the costs of repayment – and the hefty fees neglecting to repay the loan on time will entail.  However, some payday advance providers have been under fire lately from critics and honest lenders alike for predatory lending practices, as some have been advertising their loans for frivolous reasons, such as nights out, shopping trips, or even cosmetic surgery, wagering that certain classes of low income earners, such as students and the military, will be enticed into taking out a loan that they cannot easily repay.

The Money Advice Trust’s media officer, Paul Crayston, said that any Brits looking to take out such loans need to be wary of these firms that are brazenly targeting people and encouraging them to take out loans without a good reason.  Payday lending is most often used by those who cannot avail themselves of traditional sources of finance, Mr Crayston said, but taking out an instant cash loan should be a matter of last resort and not something to finance an evening out on the town.

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