Graduates snapped up in hunt for instant cash loan future talent

The first real signs that short term loans are here to stay are beginning to emerge as the top companies within the industry are dipping into a wealth of financial talent leaving universities that would otherwise be struggling to find the job to match their overwhelming talent.

Payday Express are one of the first UK instant cash loan companies to realise that a keen eye on risk management from an employee trained in levels of an exacting standard across the sector are the way forward. As such they held their first recruitment day to select just one new employee – very much a case of: graduates only need apply.

The instant cash loan company, who are expanding at an unprecedented rate, invited fifteen graduates in total to the recruitment day selection process. Many modules were incorporated in the activities with the sole aim being to suss out which of the eminently-qualified interviewees were up to the task of supporting the analytics team.

As well as the interview itself, there was a group task, enlighten the interviewers about individuals’ team-playing abilities, a presentation to assess how well insights and projections could be explained to other team members and a case study discussion to get to the real root cause of issues and what the verdict was on the way forward. All of these would eventually help the successful candidate support and shape important financial and business decisions for the far-sighted instant cash loan company.

With the rest of the financial sector sitting up and taking notice of short term loans as a very real player in shaping the way UK households manage their budgets, all eyes will be on the short term loans specialists in 2012. As such, they have recognised quickly, in the case of Payday Express, the need to provide real-time analytic solutions to put them at the forefront of the ever-growing market of short term loans.

Tim Trailer indicated why they were not taking recruitment of new staff lightly, explaining that sourcing key talent fro the graduate pool would not only bolster the risk and analytic team, but ensure all decisions were derived from sound market knowledge in an attempt to optimise the business and its role in the quick cash advance sector.

Like many other instant cash loan providers, they have recognised that responsible lending will ensure growth and extending finance to employed Britons in cases of emergency cash flow issues with utter discretion and reliability will see growth from within its customer base as well as from new customers in the short- and long-term.

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