A tablet to help ease your financial headache

Do you remember our article at the end of last week about new legislation stopping shop staff selling point of sale store cards and offers no longer being able to be applied, such as: sign up for our store card and get 15% off the tagged price? Of course you do. Okay, it’s been a long weekend, now read on here to see why the girl in the shop is gonna go straight to her instant cash loan people when she gets refused store credit…

Getting a instant cash loan on your smartphone has been a bit tricky to date if you’ve had anything but an Android service, although by no means impossible if you traipse through the usual Google search route. However, transmitting the sensitive information that you’d need to in order to secure a quick cash loan injection through someone else’s wifi connection may not have been desirable.

But now, if you own a tablet, you can download an app that takes you straight to your own personal finance information that gives you real time perspective to what’s happening with your cashflow, literally at the tap of an app. This could be critical for people who have to make real time decisions about cash and find out that they need a instant cash loan or other type of short term finance at super quick speed.

The new app is now aligned with 12,000 different financial services, more than double the previous amount. And rather than have the look and feel of a spreadsheet, the design of the base Quicken software from Intuit has a feel more like handling your music than your finances. In a similar way that you can arrange your audio files by album, artist or rating, you can now sort your finances by due dates, amounts in or out and who to or from.

The reason many people start to slip into financial trouble is because of the unexpected bill that takes you into unauthorised lending, the charges for which can mount up to a lot of money very quickly. With the new app, one daily check to see what your balance is and what you’ve got going out using the projected budget facility can help you identify well in advance when there will be pitfalls. The app won’t give you the money, but you can set your reminders to minimise the time you’ll be needing the quick cash injection, therefore reducing the interest you’ll have to pay on it making online short term loans even more value for money.

The time was right for this app, as the software firm believe that there will be a definite shift to tablets, with 40% of the mobile market projected to be favouring this platform in the coming months. So, yes, there really is a tablet to help you sort out your financial headache after all.

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