Are short term loans to be used only as a last resort?

One no credit check loans industry expert has recently come forward with words of warning for Brits, stating that those that may be considering taking out such a payday advance should only resort to doing so if they’ve exhausted all other options.

Payday loans provide a much-needed service to Brits who need cash quickly and without jumping through hoops in the event of a financial emergency, as funds can be deposited as soon as the same day in many cases. ¬†However, Debt Support Trust director, Stuart Carmichael, said that due to the high interest rates on these loans, individuals can end up in serious debt trouble if they don’t use these types of unsecured credit as a strict last resort.

Mr Carmichael remarked that Brits need to change their financial focus to living within their means, even though doing so in the current economic climate is an exceedingly difficult thing to manage for a good number of people struggling to make ends meet in the UK.  The Debt Support Trust director also said that these types of loans always need to be taken out extremely sparingly and should never be paid back late in order to avoid the slippery slope of spiraling interest, commenting that the importance of people gaining understanding of how much repayment on the loan will cost is high, and that they need to know these costs before they take out the initial loan.

Mr Carmichael’s recent words follow on the heels of life coach and hypnotherapist Caroline Carr, a contributor for, who said that anxiety, depression, and insomnia can manifest in borrowers feeling stressed about debt.

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