You’ve heard of short term loans online – now try via text

Applying for short term loans online is no longer as cutting edge as it used to be, with some providers of no credit check loans now allowing you to apply with a simple text sent from your mobile.

With economic conditions being what they are, nearly every individual in the UK has run into a situation where they have had to worry about financial matters.  Many Brits have had to resort to family and friends for emergency funding, but it’s not possible to always to rely upon personal sources of credit, which is where no credit check short term loans come in.

Many lenders have done away with having to make an application in person, instead allowing lenders to apply for a loan online.  This has resulted in making it much more convenient for borrowers, as they can take some time out of their busy day to surf the web much more easily than trying to squeeze in a visit to a brick-and-mortar lender, but now some have taken an even further step by providing lenders with the ability to send a text message on their mobile phones to initiate the loan process.

Requirements to apply for a text-based loan are nearly identical to an online loan, industry experts say.  The applicant merely needs to register with the lender beforehand via their website, be employed for at least three to six months at a minimum, be more than 18 years of age, and have a bank account that the funds can be transferred to – and, of course, a mobile phone with an email address so the lender can send a confirmation once the borrower sends their application text.

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