Payday loan company to fund student financial education

One instant cash loan company recently made waves when it announced it will be forming a partnership with Credit Action in order to fund financial education for students.

QuickQuid, a provider of online loans, forged the link with Credit Action to provide funding for the DebtCred program from Credit Action.  The payday advance company’s sponsorship will pave the way for 25 workshops to be conducted by Credit Action, which are estimated to reach around 750 students and impart the knowledge of financial wisdom and responsibility.

QuickQuid operations head, Arad Levertov, remarked that the lender is dedicated to encouraging responsible lending practices, and to that effect believes that education should be spread to as many individuals as possible.  Managing your money in a responsible manner is only one half of the equation, said Mr Levertov, with lenders also needing to be responsible as well; this means not taking advantage of any one individual’s financial troubles.

A nationwide money education charity, Credit Action conducts a myriad of targeted projects on both the local and national levels.  The charity’s projects emphasise providing aid to those individuals who have been in need of financial help.

The instant cash loan provider has hopes that members of the public will have more information on managing their financial details and that the educational opportunities will result in less people needing assistance in an emergency.  QuickQuid remarked that it attempts to provide reliable and safe lending to its customers, and that it is careful to only grant application approvals to those individuals that meet the lender’s criteria for responsible lending.

Industry experts called the move ‘a breath of fresh air’ in a market that can all too easily prey on the unfortunate.

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