Payday advance provider jumps the gun in Wisbech

One payday advance provider was so keen to open a new branch in Wisbech that they jumped the gun, as it opened its doors before it received planning permission.

Payday loan provider The Money Shop’s new Wisbech branch located in Market Place, stated that it will expect to handle 100 no credit check loans a day on average, with Fridays seeing that figure rise to as high as 250 to 300.  The new shop opened this past week, even though a public consultation was begun by Fenland planners to discuss a change to its use.

The shop, which was occupied up until recently by Size Up, a clothes retailer, but in order for its use to change, the local council must give their consent.  The firm submitted their application fee the previous month, yet have decided not to wait for the council to hand down a decision on the change, and one spokesman for the council has stated that the firm is taking a large risk by opening before the application has finished winding its way through the planning process.

However, the shop, which also provides pawn broking services, opened its doors early last week.  A spokesman for The Money Shop remarked that the fabric of the building had not been altered as a result of a carefully managed refit, adding that the company will work closely with the council in order to hope for a positive response and resolve any outstanding issues.

The change of use planning application that was submitted is expected to take more than a month to finish making its way through Fenland District Council.  As there is a notice up on the building, comments from the public have been invited, said the council spokesman, who noted that the comment expiry date is 5 December.

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