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   20.  Are payday loans a good idea?
   21.  How to stop using payday loans
   22.  How to get emergency financial help without going bankrupt
   23.  Why you should avoid large lenders like the plague
   24.  Should you take out lending to finance Christmas spending?
   25.  How not to ruin your credit rating
   26.  What you need to know about the new Code of Conduct
   27.  Why ‘instant cash loans’ are too good to be true
   28.  How to live within your means and avoid taking out lending
   29.  How to avoid falling into a lending trap this festive season
   30.  Avoid instant cash loans to avoid a Christmas hangover
   31.  How to avoid debt in today’s economy
   32.  Why a 60-day loan is just as bad as a 30-day loan
   33.  Don’t give in to the pressure just days before Christmas
   34.  How to clear your debt – and not just from payday loans
   35.  How to keep a resolution to avoid debt in the New Year
   36.  How to turn coal left in your stockings into diamonds
   37.  Why you shouldn’t pay everyday bills with high cost credit
   38.  Are credit unions a good alternative to payday lenders?
   39.  You’re not a failure if you need financial help
   40.  Why trusting a payday lender is like trusting the devil
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   1.  5pc fall prey to payday lenders; what can you do to stop it?
   2.  Kerry Katona bankrupt again while her lender hands out cash
   3.  Lenders are out of control – can anything be done?
   4.  Debt advice charities and MPs alike warn against payday lending
   5.  University of East London gives payday lenders the boot
   6.  Debt problems abound, lenders expand – are they linked?
   7.  Brace yourselves for bad weather, debt charities warn
   8.  People need a payday loan to declare bankruptcy in Scotland
   9.  Overdraft charges pushing people to take out payday loans
   10.  Christmas loans come home to roost, campaigners warn
   11.  Short term loan dangers quite real, credit union boss warns
   12.  Irony Alert: Kerry Katona shills for payday advance lender
   13.  OFT needs to strengthen guidance for payday lenders, MP says
   14.  Watch out, credit card companies – Wonga’s coming for you
   15.  Half a million Londoners to take out lending this Christmas?
   16.  Christmas costs may lead 4m Brits into debt, research says
   17.  Surprise for lenders thanks to surprise vote in House of Lords
   18.  ‘Devastating’ report condemns lenders’ poor behaviour
   19.  Labour MP up in arms once more against predatory lenders
   20.  Haringey councilor has had it with payday lenders
   21.  Wonga just can’t keep out of the spotlight, can it?
   22.  Payday loan use hits 1m Brits – and could rise even further
   23.  Payday lenders prey on the innocent – does Google as well?
   24.  Lenders continue to jump the gun when it comes to rate cuts
   25.  Watch your wallets: Wonga considering mortgage provision
   26.  Lenders slash rates ahead of predicted BoE base rate cut
   27.  BoE may drop base rate by December, could make loans cheaper
   28.  Choosing between payday lender or credit union is no-brainer
   29.  CFA launches new code of practice – is it enough protection?
   30.  Government invests OFT with broader regulatory powers
   31.  Taking out short term loans leads to dangerous debt cycle
   32.  CAB says steer clear of instant cash loans
   33.  Taken out a short term loan? Good luck getting a mortgage!
   34.  Peer-to-peer loans offer alternative to payday lending
   35.  Take action early if you face debt problems, experts say
   36.  Short term loans carry long term ill effects, experts warn
   37.  Learn more about credit unions before taking short term loans
   38.  More consumer protection is needed, financial expert says
   39.  Credit unions allocated £38m for infrastructure upgrades
   40.  Have the affluent been turning to short term loans as well?
   41.  Local authority paves way for credit union
   42.  Lenders now have no excuse when it comes to customers
   43.  Don’t lose sight of your financial alternatives
   44.  Short term loans provider branded ‘irresponsible’ for advert
   45.  MSP urges Scottish Government to issue loan warning
   46.  Payday lender considers moving into savings market
   47.  Lender advert regulations need to be changed, experts say
   48.  Short term loan provider looking into stock flotation in US
   49.  OFT chastises lender for aggressive collection practices
   50.  Small firms reject payday lenders, new research says
   51.  New lender regulations ‘of limited value’ MP says
   52.  93% of Brits want better protection from payday lenders
   53.  Most Brits have to take out short term loans for household bills
   54.  Payday loans so bad they’re sinful, says bishop of Durham
   55.  Ferratum brags about its market saturation in new report
   56.  Payday Loan Alternatives
   57.  Payday loans company advises loans for cooking classes!
   58.  What is a Payday Loan?
   59.  Payday lenders charging as much as 6,000 per cent
   60.  Wonga announces lending shift to small businesses
   61.  Major instant cash loan provider launches SME lending service
   62.  Payday loan company warns of potential fraudsters
   63.  New initiative to counter “loan sharks”
   64.  New credit union slated for Leatherhead
   65.  Church groups call for campaign to ensure a short term loans cap
   66.  Policymakers don’t understand role payday lenders play?
   67.  Payday lenders a minor player in Brits’ overall debt burden
   68.  Survey on short term loans borrowers causes controversy
   69.  Instant cash loans go from rarely used to common
   70.  OFT to lose credit regulation to a new body
   71.  Payday loan provider paying customers to advertise
   72.  Survey reveals reasons why short term loans come in handy
   73.  Will clause 22 of the Financial Services Bill calm the perfect storm?
   74.  Wood Green to be site of protest today
   75.  UK short term loans debate continue
   76.  Low-income customers given respite from payday lending
   77.  Easy cash loans like a smoking addiction
   78.  Islington Council’s “ban short term loans” by law falls at the first hurdle
   79.  Financial adviser says never to use short term loans
   80.  Payday warrior has her say
   81.  Council members abandon plans to ban payday lenders
   82.  US-based instant cash loan providers campaign and lobby hard
   83.  Car log book loans firm says they are responsible lenders
   84.  Increasing personal debt a boon for loans providers
   85.  Credit unions bounce back from recent industry censure
   86.  Easter won’t stop short term loans business
   87.  Are there any benefits to payday advance lending?
   88.  Yes Loans finally bow out of short term loans business
   89.  Yes Loans declines to appeal its credit licence revocation
   90.  ASA bans instant cash loan provider advert for being misleading
   91.  Push to make credit unions a more attractive option in the US
   92.  CFA says an instant cash loan database would cripple the industry
   93.  Will peer-to-peer payday advance hybrid sites go too far?
   94.  The Lending Well – a sort of eBay for short term loans
   95.  High street banks may follow US payday lending trend
   96.  The computer age offers short term loans a new lease of life
   97.  Anti-instant cash loan campaigners take to the streets
   98.  Zebit rewards good borrowing behavior with cheaper short term credit
   99.  Debt concerns grip one out of three in the North East
   100.  “No way, Wonga!” say soccer fans

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