The following policy document outlines how we here at treat your visit to our website with the greatest respect. Information you share with us about your loan application can be sensitive, we therefore do our utmost to protect this.

The laws governing data protection are subject to legal change, beyond our control; as such, the policy below may have changes enforced whenever the law dictates; we suggest returning periodically to frequent yourself with any such amendments.

Why and how we use your data

Given that changes in the law and the instant cash loan market itself are all to often, products may become available that were not when last you visited So that we may go above and beyond the expected levels of service, as and when an additional service or significant change in the law affects our business, we will draw upon records stored on our very secure servers to match the amendments with historical customer usage patterns. If we believe changes to be beneficial to you, gleaned from your past usage of, we may contact you informing you of these updates and request feedback in order to excel in what we do even further.

It is usual, in our line of business, to form strong partnerships within this industry sector, as we grow. Unless required by the law, or we believe the afore mentioned third parties would provide a beneficial service for you, we will never share, sell or wantonly distribute your data without your express and prior permission

Data storage and protection

Our secure servers can only ever be accessed by authorised personnel. Members of our staff have proved their competence in handling such sensitive information as may be shared during the instant cash loan application process and do so in adherence to the strictest of guidelines. This includes treating your information in both the strictest of confidence and protecting it from accidental loss or damage at all times.

If your information changes, we will need to update you with the changes in the law and additional services we may add to our portfolio, over time. There is also a legal clause that dictates for how long we can hold on to your information. In order to avail yourself of our products for as long as possible, please keep your information fresh and accurate so that we may continue to provide you with the most up-to-date services in the instant cash loan market.

Passive data collection

Operating systems and devices are also forever being update and upgraded. It is our servers job to interpret what hard- and software you are browsing our pages with in order to deliver you the best experience.

The simplest and least intrusive way of doing this is by placing a cookie on your hard drive which will pass back this information to our server upon connection, enabling instant best-browsing capability. You can configure your system to reject cookies, however, this may render some of the site either difficult to read or even inaccessible.

Regular privacy policy updates

In order to remain one of the instant cash loan market leaders, we have to keep up with the pace that technology, and the law, changes. This can include how websites use your data. Should their be a significant change in either, we will e-mail you and advise accordingly.

Contact us

We have set out to handle your data in a manner in which we believe you would choose us to do so. If you have significant concerns regarding these action, please contact us in writing at the below address where a customer service agent will deal with your query to the best of their ability in a suitable timeframe.

Remove your data

By the same token, you can request to have your information swiftly removed from the database. Simply email the following address and we will remove your data with immediate effect: [email protected]